TNT (the novel aka Twelve New Things) currently sits at 7.2k. I’m doing very well with plowing through and following the outline. I’m a little worried about the switch in POV for the 2nd chapter because it feels like it might slow the narrative down but it is essential in establishing Matt as a character and how he perceives the world and Eliot (protagonist).

I am really enjoying my secondary characters as well. Especially Will and Jen who are Eliot’s roommates. Jen is a bright spot but also a little oblivious. Will is… a loyal friend but kind of a mess. He’s my favorite probably. (I know you’re not supposed to have favorites but I do!)

Anyway, a fun bit of what I wrote today – “Not many people could appreciate the inherent comedy in a guy taking a hit to the nuts with a pie while trying to rope a plastic cow.”