Today I hit 10k on TNT. Very happy with my progress.

So something interesting came up today about word count. What is the word count for a novel? I had a friend who said a novel was 70k-120k and was very condescending about my goal of 60k. So I did some research. NaNoWriMo classifies a novel at 50k. The Nebula award for science fiction classifies a novel as anything over 40k. Another website says category romance should be around 55k-75k (which is what I’m writing). That same website talked about editors were staying away from higher word counts and didn’t want anything over 110k.

After a bit of a panic, I did consult with my friend that has been published several ebooks and she basically said to just write and don’t worry about word count. Some publishers prefer novellas because they are quick reads.Others prefer novels. But at the end of the day, as long as the story is engaging and the content is good, it will work out.