I have managed to get the ms to 20k. It’s been slow going recently though. I’ve lost some of that New Year’s Resolution steam but I’m going to continue working through it.

I’ve been reading some posts recently about writing and some pointers. A few have really stuck out to me, especially with my own writing style. Here is just one piece of advice I’ve found so far.

– When writing in 3rd person POV avoid use of the words “knew,” “realized,” and “saw.” Why? Well, in 3rd person POV, the reader knows they are experiencing the story unfold from that person’s perspective. So it’s redundant to use words like the above. For example, the following are from Eliot’s POV:

a. Eliot knew Matt was a jerk.

b. Matt was a jerk.

See the difference? The second is much cleaner.

a. Eliot saw Jen slip on the sidewalk.

b. Jen slipped on the sidewalk.

We know that Eliot is seeing it happen b/c it is his POV. It also helps avoid telling the reader what Eliot saw and instead, shows the reader what happened.

That said – I need to go back through my first four chapters and clean up these words! šŸ™‚