Long time – no post!

I’ve been so busy, but now that this semester is over, I will have time. And with that time, I intend to get back to writing!

Recap –

– 1st novel was completed, beta read, revised, revised again etc over my spring break in March!

– 2nd novel is now well underway at 12k

– Short story I wrote for one of my classes has been written, revised, and submitted to Ellery Queen Magazine.

– My two classes are finished. I received A’s in both.

– I have read a ridiculous amount of good fiction this semester but hands down, my absolute favorite was All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. I intend to read much more of him over the summer and hopefully absorb his genius.

– Also, I’ve lost about 38 pounds. (since December)

So my plans for the next three months are –

– read a lot. If I’m not writing, I want to be reading 🙂

– finish the 2nd novel! This one is vastly different than the first, but I have an outline and a plan. I just needed the time. And now I have it! Yay!

Have a snippet: It could have been anything, a village bonfire, a small forest fire caused by a lightning strike, but as the day wore on and the patrol loop brought him and his band of knights closer, through the brush of the forest, it became darker and thicker, black streaks that curled and veined, twisted together like roots of an ancient tree.