Lots of things to update with.

First – Twelve Tasks, my first novella through Dreamspinner Press, will be out in November! I’m so excited! Here is my cover art! So beautiful and tasteful and I love it.


Second – my second novella, The Trouble with Elves, will be out in December via Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar.

More info on both of these projects to come. As for right now, I’m still in school, taking two classes this semester – Shakespeare and His Age and Fiction. I’m reading a ton and learning a lot.

I finished up and submitted my Steampunk novella and will see how that goes.

My fourth work is in progress. I hope to have it completed by the end of the new year. We’ll see though! It’s slated to be novel length and I just don’t know what my limited writing time will allow me to get finished.

As my release dates approach, I’ll make sure to post more including blurbs and links and things. Feel free to drop me a comment or hit me up on twitter or via email if you want more information or want to chat about writing. 🙂