A very nice review of my novel Twelve Tasks! Still floored with all the great things people have had to say. 🙂

The Novel Approach

“You cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all.” ― Ally Condie

BLURB: Routine makes Eliot Taylor happy. He thinks. He goes to work, goes to school, and lives with his two best friends. Except lately, something’s missing. While he’s hungover from New Year’s Eve, Eliot’s friend Jen coerces him into a New Year’s resolution. They agree to try one new activity per month for an entire year.

Each new experience checked off his list, like singing karaoke and bungee jumping, destroys more of Eliot’s comfortable routine. He meets new people. He falls in love. And despite how much it scares him, he learns to love life a little out of order.

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