So my word count this month wasn’t the greatest. It only came in at 11,406. Low as that is, I did accomplish a few things.

I finished Clockwork Bargain – the sequel to Clockwork Horizon – and had it beta read. Then I edited and revised it. I submitted it to DSP on 2/16. Which was one of my goals to submit a work this month.

I also finished the short for the anthology that a few writers and I are doing. 🙂 That one is called Not Quite 1776 and it features a pair of historical reenactors. I’m looking forward to see how the anthology is going to work out. There seem to be quite a range of types of stories that are going to be included.

Lastly, I received some good news. A short I wrote for the Mended Anthology through Dreamspinner was accepted! It’s called Sweat and Smoke and it will be available in June!

Goal for this month is to write at least 20k of words!