Here is the obligatory New Year’s Day post. Hope everyone is excited for the year to come. I know I am happy to be starting with a clean slate and able to start working on the goals I am making for the year.

In 2013, I made a list of goals, both personal and professional, that I worked very hard toward. And it worked! I made strides both with my writing and with my health. It felt awesome and I want to do it again.

In 2014, I didn’t make an official list, which I’m regretting now. My main goal was to have another baby. That was accomplished on December 1st so I guess I met my goals. But this year, I want to make a tangible, definitive list that I can reference throughout the year like I did in 2013.

So here is that list!

Professional Goals:

  • Complete and submit at least 4 works this year.
  • Develop a consistent writing routine. I want to hit monthly word goals between 20-30k a month.
  • One of the works needs to be over 60k.
  • Increase my social media presence by tweeting at least 1x day and posting on my blog at least 3x month.
  • Utilize some new strategies to increase sales.

Potential works:

  1. I have a completed MS that needs to be edited and reworked. Working title is Betrothed. It’s a light Supernatural romance that’s around 40k. I think I can finish this by the end of January.
  2. Working title: Road to Ruin. It’s a contemporary romance that is angsty and domestic. This will be the over 60k work.
  3. The 3rd in the Aerial City series.
  4. Working title: An Ordinary Hero – a reluctant superhero story.
  5. A holiday story.
  6. Working title: Myths and Monsters. What I wanted to write for NaNo but got distracted from. Oops.

Personal Goals:

  • Lose the baby weight plus some. I’m aiming for 40lbs.
  • Implement a daily self care routine.
  • Start exercising again once medically cleared.
  • Read more!

I think this should keep me busy enough for 2015! What do you think?