Today I’m hosting my good friend, Kate Sands! Her novella, An Unexpected Summer is out today!

Hi there! I’m Kate Sands, and I’d like to thank Therese Woodson for inviting me to her blog to talk about my new release An Unexpected Summer.


An Unexpected Summer is a young adult contemporary novella. It centers around Brendan, a 17 year old boy who has accepted he’s gay but isn’t ready to be out at school or to his friends. His parents only recently found out. Brendan starts his summer job at a lake resort, where he shares staffing quarters with Tobin, an openly gay student at his school who Brendan has a crush on.

I love writing different characteristics, and I have to admit, I am fond of the whole ‘opposites attract’ cliché. Brendan and Tobin are very different. Brendan is a hockey player and school jock, and he’s in the closet because he’s worried about what his teammates would think if they knew. Tobin is a little bit hipster, participates in drama club, and is out and proud.

The thing is, those are traits on a simple level, and we all know people are much more complex than that. Even with such differences, there can still be a connection and basis for a friendship or even more. I had a great time writing that connection and understanding between two such different characters.


BLURB: An Unexpected Summer

Life at home has become awkward since Brendan told his parents he’s gay. Relief comes when his cousin gets him a job at a nearby lake resort for the summer. Happy to get away, he plans to give his parents space while saving money for his college fund and hanging out with his cousin Tracey, the only other person he’s out to. Turns out Tobin, a boy from school Brendan has a crush on, is also working there for the summer, and the two of them have been assigned to share a room. Brendan’s nervous reaction doesn’t get the summer off to the best start. Now, not only does Brendan have to fix his relationship with his parents, he has to figure out a way to make things right with Tobin too.

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About Kate:

Kate Sands grew up in a small, rural town on the Canadian Prairies. She developed a love of reading and writing at a young age, becoming completely enamored with the craft of storytelling.   It wasn’t until she grew up and left small town life behind, moving on to the Big City, before she truly understood what diversity was and what it could be. She still reads a variety of fiction, but concentrates writing in the LGBTQ+ genre in an effort to add to that diversity.  She hopes that these kinds of stories will reach someone, somewhere, in a way she missed out on in her earlier years.

Twitter: @KateSandsWrites

Blog: katesandswrites.com

Email: kate.sands.writes.@gmail.com