Hey folks,

So we’re 18 days into the New Year. And I don’t know about you but I have hunkered down into that “I am going to do this” mentality in regards to my yearly goals. It took me a few days to get into the groove but I’m in it now.

I wanted to share one or two of the tools I use to get my words done and other tools I’ve seen people use. 🙂

This year, I found these amazing tracking spreadsheets. I’m using the Forest Fairy skin and it’s so pretty. But the great thing about these spreadsheets is you can set a yearly goal and a monthly goal. Each month it keeps track of how many words per day you need to reach your goal based on your daily totals. It’s awesome with how much you can track and it is amazing how much motivation it provides. Highly recommend!

Also, for productivity, I have a friend who swears by Write or Die. If you haven’t used it before, basically you set a goal and when the app feels you’ve been idle too long, it will give you a consequence. It’s a little too scary for me. I prefer Written Kitten which gives you a kitten each time you get your word count.

And so far this month, I have to say that music has been a huge inspiration for me. I don’t normally write to music because it distracts me but for some reason this month I’ve been way into using it. Bastille is my go-to artist right now –  Poet, Flaws, and Bad Blood are the three songs that are motivating the story I’m writing at the moment.

How about you, dear readers? Getting your word counts? What apps do you use to get your word on? How about music? Yay or nay?

As always, you can find me on twitter at writer_reese (which is my main hang out) and you can find my published works over on Dreamspinner.