Well, I’m a little giddy. I am going to admit it. I just finished, and by just I mean like 30 minutes ago, my first novel. I have written novellas before. I like writing novellas. But today, my story clocked in at 62k. Which is officially a novel.

I know that number will change because of editing. It may go down or it may go up if I decide to add a scene. But as of right now – NOVEL.

As for professional goals

– I wrote 23,327 this month according to my lovely tracker. Which one of my goals was to consistently write between 20-30k a month. I’m off to a good start!

– Finish a work over 60k. LOOK. I DID IT. I didn’t think it was going to be this particular work but yay!

– Tweet 1x per day. – YEP

– Post 3x per month on the blog. – Eeking in with this one 🙂

– use sales strategies – I joined Goodreads. That counts.

Personal goals

– baby weight – pffft that has not happened

– work out – I did start back at my taekwondo class. I’ll test for my next belt in February

– daily self care is a no go. the infant kind of does not allow this right now.

– read more – I read both parts of A Captive Prince. And I adored it. The second book much more than the first. But so good.

Next month – start the new novella, write 20k words again, and edit and submit the finished novel. Feb is only 28 days so we’ll see!