So I started writing this story…

Let me back up. There is a meme called Florida Man. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s about the crazy headlines that come out of the glorious Sunshine State, usually looking something like this:

Florida Man Does Something Crazy

So someone came up with the idea that Florida Man is a horrible superhero. Which, for some reason, was absolutely hilarious to me.

Then I started thinking – what if there was a “Local Man” (b/c you see this headline a lot in local papers) and there was an individual who noticed that the details of each “Local Man” incident were similar. Then that person could start to unravel the identity of the local hero. And so the idea percolated a bit – and then I changed the individual to an EMT. And the EMT starts going to scenes where there is a guy or the eyewitnesses talk about a guy who was there and helped. The EMT could then act as the readers’ POV about this supposed hero.

The details have changed significantly since I started plotting out this idea, but Ryan (EMT) and Phillip (Local Man), exist in about 11k of words right now.

Then I realized that I’m basically writing a comic book character’s origin story through a third party POV and it made me very excited. I hope to finish it by the end of February as a novella. (I better get to writing if I plan to meet this goal.)

Anyway, I thought a little glimpse into my thought process of how my stories develop would be fun. 🙂