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Maggie Kavanagh

As a newbie author, publicizing your own work can be a daunting enterprise. Every author has their own list of things to do before the launch of a book, but I thought I’d share mine with you today, focusing specifically on the ubiquitous ‘blog tour.’ Many of the tips below were either given to me by my extremely helpful published friends or learned the hard way during the release of Double Indemnity, my first full-length novel. This list is far from comprehensive—I’m sure there are tips I’m missing and still have to learn, so please share your own strategies in the comments!

  • If your publisher does not automatically provide you with an ARC of your book, request one. Though most publishers send out lists of forthcoming releases to bloggers, this gives you the flexibility to distribute your work directly to potential readers and reviewers.
  • Create an “Ad Pack”

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