jim carrey typing

Well, I’m a little late doing my goal review. But better late than never.

My word count for March was *drum roll* 25,162! Heck yeah. In March, I finished up An Ordinary Hero – which is my super hero origin story and started on my new project.

So the new project is a sci-fi YA story with a bisexual main character. It’s a new genre for me and I’m plugging away at it. I see a TON of editing in my future though in regards to world building and keeping my facts straight. Also, I’ve found myself repeating a few phrases. I need to come up with different ways to express a few emotions. Any help on this would be appreciated!!

Right now the YA story is my Camp Nano project. I’m aiming for 40k this month. Which is huge for me. I know some people can crank that out no problem but I have a hard time with editing as I go. I’ve managed to silence my internal editor, however, and for the last 4 days have written 3k/day. So for April thus far, my word count is 12,111. Almost half of what I managed in March. I don’t know how long I will keep this up but I’m going to keep pushing.

Also – I have tentatively planned out the rest of my writing year.

April/May – YA story

May/June – Holiday story

July/August – finally finish my cowboys

September – Clockwork Promise (3rd in the Aerial City series)

Oct/Nov – western romance

Dec – ??? (Toss up between 3 diff projects – a ghost story, a geek story, a myth story)

Anyone else doing Camp Nano? How do you get your word counts in? Any tricks? Tips? I’m all ears. 🙂