Have a snippet from my novel in progress Road to Ruin (I refer to hit as my gay cowboy fic). It’s something I’ve been working on for a looooooong time. And I plan to finish it this summer after I complete a few other projects. But I thought I would share a piece of it. Hope you enjoy!

Rafe stayed in town until dusk running errands. He grabbed a quick meal of a cheeseburger and fries at the local diner to avoid having to cook when he got home. Just as he finished, a late summer storm blew in and he jumped into his truck right as the sky cracked open. He took off his hat and tossed it onto the dashboard, looking at the black clouds through the windshield and cursing. He wouldn’t be able to get the lock fixed until morning.

With a sigh, he backed out of his parking space. The sparse traffic slogged around him, spraying the gathering water all over the road, the downpour sudden and violent enough for large puddles to already form. The rain beat down on his windshield as the thunder rolled overhead, bright forked lightning slicing the sky in two every few minutes. Rafe pulled onto the main road heading out of town, the horizon dark and ominous, the rain beating a tattoo that echoed throughout the cab. His headlights cut a dim swath across the darkened landscape and Rafe leaned forward, squinting, fingers clenched around the wheel.

He normally didn’t mind the drive. Situated between two small towns, the ranch sat on a long, lonely stretch of road which cut through the rolling farmland of eastern Tennessee, a black ribbon that followed the hills and valleys. Usually, it was a pleasant trip, but in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, with no streetlights and a clouded sky, Rafe’s nerves were stretched thin, on edge as he traversed the narrow road.

Knowing he wouldn’t encounter much if any traffic, Rafe flipped on his high beams just in time to see a figure walking along the white line, hunched over, thumb out.

Rafe yanked the wheel hard to the left, swerved into the other lane, then slammed on his breaks, tires squealing and skidding on the wet asphalt. The truck slid to a stop and Rafe’s heart pounded in his chest as he gasped and cursed, the rain a roar around him.

His hands trembled and even though he didn’t think he was ever really in danger of hitting the hitchhiker, the sudden appearance of a random person on the side of the road in the middle of a storm startled the hell out of him. Rafe clutched the steering wheel, gulping in breaths, trying to calm his racing pulse.

“Fuck!” Rafe slapped the wheel with his open hand. “Fuck!”

He barely heard the tentative knock on the passenger door over his heartbeat in his ears.

Rafe looked up. He hadn’t actually wanted to stop for the hitchhiker – he didn’t trust anyone and had learned that the hard way – but now he was stuck. The road was dangerous to walk along in the daytime and now it was dark and storming and Rafe couldn’t drive off in good conscience.

It didn’t mean he was going to be stupid about it though.

Rafe reached behind the cab seat and gripped the tire iron he kept there and then hit the switch to unlock the door.

The passenger door flung open.

“Thank God! I didn’t think you were going to unlock the door. That would’ve been a dick move, you know. To suddenly stop and then not let me in.”

In a flurry of movement a large army green duffle bag was shoved into the cab, followed by an oversized backpack.

What are you guys working on or reading?