womp womp

Welp – I pledged 40k for Camp NaNo. I’ve gotten 36079. And I just don’t think I’m going to make it, unfortunately. If I had all day tomorrow, I definitely could, but I’ve started a new important day job and it has crushed my will to live my ability to write during the day.

I may have to settle for almost. (If we are being technical, I did break 40k, but 5k of that was a fanfic I wrote for a friend. So it doesn’t count. Does it? Can I count it?)

BUT on the same note – this next project has cracked 52k. And I think I only have about 15k to go. And I can do that in May and then edit the hell out of it.

And have it ready for pitmad on June 4th. Maybe? I think. I hope. I AM GOING TO ATTEMPT IT?

Anyone else doing pitmad?