I’m sending out queries like a mad woman for the YA science-fiction adventure I finished writing. It features LGBT main characters so I know it’s going to be a hard sell, but that’s not going to stop me from at least looking around.

Developing a query letter is difficult. I’m still tweaking mine as I go. I’ve found some really great resources though to share with you.

Query Shark – read the archives. All the archives. Watch how Janet transforms each letter and then work on your own. If you’re brave enough, you can send her yours for critique. She only does a few a year though. And you have to attest that you’ve read all the archives before sending yours in. IT IS WORTH IT THOUGH.

Query Tracker – this thing is a god send. SERIOUSLY. You can look up agents by genre. Each agent has a link to their publisher’s site so you can see exactly what they are accepting and how to submit. Each agent has a comment section too so you can read what others have had to say about their interactions. Some agents are notoriously slow. Others are super fast. Others give personal feedback. Some only form letters. Once you’ve chosen an agent and sent a query, you can track the progress. That way you don’t accidentally send a query to someone who as already rejected you OR to two agents within the same agency at the same time (which is a no-no).

I feel like this is all an exciting new chapter of my career. I’ve written something completely different than my norm and I’m excited to get it out there and try new things.

So what’s coming up for me now? Well, I have Betrothed coming out with Dreamspinner in Sept/Oct. I have an Ordinary Hero coming on in Jan 2016 with them as well. I”m working on a holiday novella for their holiday call. And then I have a full length novel I’ve been working on for 2 years that I want to finish up by the fall. Then I will write the third of the Clockwork series. After that? Well, there is a western I want to finish that I’ve had 70k of sitting around for years. I have an idea for a fun geeky contemporary new adult. I have another NA involving a ghost. I have another paranormal M/M I want to write. And then, of course, the sequel to the one I’m trying to find an agent for.


Have you ever written a query letter? How’d it go? Any suggestions for agents to try? Drop me a line in the comments!